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Spilling Sand


A new phase is beginning in my life, and I am so excited to share it with you.

 I've learned to allow and let things fall organically in place. I am a true believer that timing is everything.   

With the help of eastern medicine techniques and various massage modalities, I'll be offering therapeutic healing treatments, such as restorative massage, therapeutic touch for seniors, anti-aging bodywork, energy healing, reiki, chakra balancing, dynamic cupping and much much more.

The biological effects of receiving bodywork will include a decrease in stress hormones.  We need to release toxic stored emotions from time to time using these modalities.

I invite you to sign up to become a member if you are interested in finding out more about BodySpace Therapy, our future plans, discounts and events.

Sincerely and With Love,


“A well-balanced parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system is indispensable for healing-“

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